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5 Products for Beauty You’d Be Crazy Not To Be Making Yourself!

products-for-beauty-pinYou walk into a quaint little store, look at their natural products for beauty and feel soooo compelled to buy one beautifully scented chocolate vanilla body treatment…Then, you look at the price (gasp!). Wholly camoly you think. Your jaw drops. And you gently replace that little piece of beauty-gold you admire(d) so much. Sigh…

I think we’ve all been in in a situation where we want to buy something we can’t afford. Here’s the thing though – a lot of the time you can make yourself some of that “beauty-gold”. While I get you might not want to (or be able to) make every product you see many of the ones you desperately want are so seriously crazy-easy to make. Especially when you consider the terrible quality that you get for the money.

Here are 5 simple products for beauty you should totally start making today if you’re not already! Seriously – don’t be discouraged by fear of complexity. Even the simplest DIY blends will be as good or better than what you can buy in stores.

Body Scrubs

This is the first place I started when making my own natural skin care products. There was so much joy in experimentation and the handling of the ingredients! When I created my spa line (Oriana Naturals) it was the the first product that I included in it.

Why are these so easy? Well, it’s pretty hard to mess them up. And, as long as you pick an appropriate oil from my charts, you’re not going to get in trouble!

You can find these in a lot of places, but it’s so much cheaper to make it. And seeing how easy it easy, it makes so much sense!

>> Click here to go see my basic, easy-to-customize body scrub recipe

Lip Balm

I can’t remember when I started making Lip Balm, but it was definitely one of the first things I started making for myself ! I started making my lip balm because I was really upset with the quality of products I was finding in stores. I wanted to make something better.

It too is really fun, and doesn’t have to be particularly expensive either. Honestly, when I consider how much I’ve saved on lip balms over the years I can’t even cope. And when I use someone else’s because I forgot mine at home I’m beyond thrilled that I am able to make this for myself. When using the store-bought ones (even the expensive ones) I find that my lips get “addicted”. It’s really ridiculous buying this when it’s so easy to make. So start making your own lip balm. Seriously! Go. Start now! 🙂

>> Click here to go see my lip balm recipe

Bath Salts

This is another product I think you’d be crazy not to making yourself. Other than sea or epsom salt all you need is a wee bit of essential oil. And if you really want to get all fancy-pants you can get some rose petals or other dried flower or herb.

I just can’t fathom how some people are spending $25 on a bath salt when they could easily make the same amount for $5!

I love blending rose petals with ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oil with my bath salts. It’s the most glorious scent ever. And the fellas are crazy about the scent too!

Hot Oil Hair Treatments

Most, if not all of the hot oil hair treatments that you buy in stores is made of some of the cheapest, worst-for-hair-oils you could ever imagine. And omg – they’re SO expensive!!!! There is just no reason you can’t make this yourself. It is SO easy!

  • Some great essential oils include lavender, chamomile, and myrhh.
  • Rosemary isn’t my favorite scent but it’s quite good if you have dandruff – and a much better than tea tree (which I don’t recommend you use).
  • Some great carrier oils include avocado oil, coconut oil, and argan oil.

All you need is about 4 oz of oil and 5 drops of essential oil. If you have a ton of hair you might need more. If you have very little, your 4oz blend will last several treatments.

Someone in our private facebook group shared this great product on Etsy. I think it’s just brilliant if you do hot oil treatments!

Body and Bath Oils

You’d have to be nuts to buy a body or bath oil. You don’t even need body lotion if you apply an oil when your body is still wet or are using a great scrub. I’ll write a post on this some other time, but for now – promise me you’ll never buy another bath or body oil ever again. Please!

Instead, get a great oil like macadamia nut oil, jojoba or even (very simply) olive oil. Then, blend it with one of your favorite essential oils. If you download my chart you’ll even have a great list of which ones to use for your body type!

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5 Products For Beauty You'd Be Crazy Not To Be Making Yourself