About Me

Hi, I’m Susanna, The Natural Skin Care Junkie! I love everything about making all-natural skin care products – from the ooey, gooey, crunchy ingredients to the effect that it has on my skin and wallet. And then of course there’s the good I know I’m doing for the environment too!

My obsession with natural skin care began in the late 90’s when I was having trouble finding a solution for persistent acne on my forehead.

When I started researching I realized that the problem was related to many of the chemicals included in skin care products. They are not only drying, they are also damaging to our skin. And they’re bad for the the environment too.

The first place I looked for alternatives was the natural health food store. Unfortunately, the ingredients in those products weren’t much better. Sadly, I still don’t think that there are many (if any at all) that I could comfortably recommend.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started reading everything I could. Eventually I even took a one year course to become a Certified Aromatherapist. This included learning everything there is about essential and carrier oils, lymphatic drainage massage, and (of course) natural cosmetic making. I think this was in 1999! (ah!)

After a year or two trying to build an aromatherapy massage business I came to the conclusion that while I love the power of aromatherapy massage it’s really cosmetic-making that I am passionate about. This lead to “Oriana Naturals” my all-natural line of spa products.

I spent a year trying to make that work (from 2003-2004) but in time I realized that selling a spa line wasn’t quite in-line with my passions at that time. The reality is that I didn’t have the business skills (or capital) to make a real go of it. In the end, this turned out to be an extremely positive, happy realization!

Eventually it occurred to me at that it was my “life work” to share the experience of making skin care products with people. I believe(d) with all my heart that there is no need to buy a skin care product EVER again. It’s a waste of money, terrible for the environment, and in the long run terrible for our skin and our overall health!

An addition wanting to keep your physical body healthy I really believe(d) that connecting with ingredients and the act of making the products is soooo good for the soul! And the end product is great for our body and wallet.

It was at that point that my journey into training began! This would have been in 2005 or 2006.

Through luck and my amazing sister pointing me in the right direction I applied and was accepted to teach a course at the Toronto District School Board. This was a magical time for me. Connecting with people who felt passionately about this was such a great experience. When those who expected it to just be a fun craft class left refreshed, energized, and inspired I really felt like I was doing something important!

Over the years, as the internet grew and I found myself working in (and loving!) Digital Media it eventually made sense to move onto the web where I could inspire and connect with more people. That’s when NaturalSkinCareJunkie.com was born! I think this happened in about 2011. And, as the saying goes “the rest is history”.

I am a serious, life-long Natural Skin Care Junkie. And I feel so honored to have met so many others who feel the same way! As a life long learner this is such a fun ride. And I’m so excited that we can do it together!

If you’re interested, a great place to start is by getting started on my free holistic path to natural skincare. In doing so, you’ll automatically get my essential and carrier oil use charts (for skincare!) and lots of tips to help you make safe, effective products for yourself and as gifts.

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