The Best Essential Oil And Carrier Oil Brands For Homemade Skin Care

Have you ever been confused about which brand of essential oils and carrier oils you should use for your skin?  It’s your skin right, so you need the best. But, you don’t want to spend lots of money without getting a premium product either.

So what do you do when pretty much every brand says they’re amazing?!  How do you really know if there’s truth behind their words?

Does cost actually = better quality? Is organic the way to go? Are the popular brands the best? Or the worst? And what about those MLM places? Plant Therapy Essential Oils

I’ve been using essentials oils, and making my own skin care for a loooong time. During that time, I’ve tried a ton of brands. And honestly, most of them were fine.

Let’s just say that my face has never fallen off and I’ve always seen results.

But there’s one brand that I started using recently that stands out to me for a few of reasons.  And I don’t do this often, but I will even jump through hoops to get it!

The brand I’m talking about is Plant Therapy. And this is why I love them!

Their Oils Are Robert Tisserand Approved

If you’ve been involved in the aromatherapy world AT-ALL you’ll know that Mr. Tisserand is THE authority on essential oils. The fact that he has approved their oils is enough to convince me that they’re amazing.

They’re Kid-Friendly

They advertise their oils as being safe for kids. They even have a kid-friendly kit.

In order to advertise your oils as being kid-friendly you have to jump a lot of loops. This tells me that they care enough about their product and customers to make sure their products are superior.

The Price Is Right!

They’re not crazy expensive. Nor are they dirt cheap. Given the other things I’ve mentioned, they offer a lot of value. More value than any other brand.

Cost isn’t necessarily an indication of quality. For example, the pricey MLM brands aren’t necessarily any better. I’m not saying that they aren’t high-quality, I’m just saying that their prices reflect the convenience of buying from a friend. Their business model also requires that their resellers receive a commission on every sale so the price must reflect that as well.

It’s Easy To Buy – And Guilt-free too!

They have their own site which I also love because I am really trying not to buy everything on Amazon or from really big corporations. I think that if we allow ourselves to do that, we’ll break our economy. So, whenever I can I like to purchase locally or through actual businesses website.

I prefer local shopping to be honest, but most stores in my hometown usually just sell oils from the really big brands. With that said, there are wholesalers of this brand so it’s worth checking if someone in your city sells it.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a wholesaler list on their site but if you get lucky you might find them through search. Try searching on social media for “plant therapy + city”.

They Know Their Farmers

One of my favorite things about Young Living is the story they create around their farmers. I love that!

Plant Therapy also gets to know their farmers. They want to make sure that they have a good reputation and are committed to quality, as well as the industry.

The Oils Work And Smell Great!

Using excellent carrier and essential oils isn’t like eating healthy food. The better the oils the better the scent – unlike the healthier the food the more bland the taste.

The essential oils I’ve purchased smell great! And I love what both the essential oils and carrier oils do for my skin too.  And I swear I get a better nights sleep when I use their lavender vs. some of the others I’ve used.

If you haven’t tried Plant Therapy, give them a try.

I guarantee you’ll fall in love too!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

About the author

Susanna, The Natural Skin Care Junkie

I'm Susanna, the Natural Skin Care Junkie! I became a certified Aromatherapist at the start of the Millennium and have been making my own skin care products ever since. During my time in the world of natural skin care, I have sold my own spa line (Oriana Naturals), a natural beauty box (Flynn & Sage) and a facial care line (Conscience Beauty Lab). I have taught live courses in DIY beauty and have been helping people make their own products with this site since 2013. Happy DIY'ing! Susanna

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