Make Your Lips Irresistible With This DIY Lip Balm – Made With All-Natural Shea Butter, Tint, and Vanilla Scent

Make Your Lips Irresistible With This All-Natural Shea Butter, Tinted, and Vanilla Scented DIY Lip BalmWhen I want my lips to be irresistible or want to give a luxurious gift I make up a batch of my shea butter infused, tinted DIY Lip Balm. It includes she butter for it’s luxurious texture and to combat cold sores. Tinted clay will give your lips just the right enough color for that fresh, natural look. And benzoin essential oil for that scrumptious vanilla scent.

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If you’re looking for an every day recipe to combat dry lips, check out my “Simple Lip Balm Recipe“. I make up a big batch of this once or twice a year. I keep it in a jar in my fridge and cut off a sliver every now and then for the lip balm tin I keep in my purse.

Here’s the Basic DIY Lip Balm Recipe

This is my personal recipe. I’ve perfected this over almost 15 years. It includes a variety of ingredients that are all AMAZING for your lips but also affordable.

  • Approx. 40% oil (2 tablespoons)
  • Approx. 25% shea butter (1 tablespoon)
  • Approx.  35% beeswax (1.5 tablespoons)


If you don’t want a colored lip balm recipe, don’t add the pink Kaolin clay. Or, if your lips aren’t particularly dry, you can use Alkanet root for a redder coloring.

The Supplies

  1. Pot with water
  2. Glass bowl or measuring cup
  3. Make sure you’re using beeswax shavings or beads.

You’ll need to use a bowl that can rest on the lip of your pot, or a pot big enough to fit your measuring cup.

I like to use a measuring cup especially if I’m making a small amount. It makes it easier to lift out of the pot and pour into a tube, tin, or jar.

The Process

  1. Fill your pot with water.
    • If you’re using a bowl, the water should just touch the bottom of the glass bowl.
    • If you’re using a glass (glass, not pastic) measuring cup, the water should come up a couple of inches around the sides of the glass cup.
  2. Add all of your ingredients to your glass bowl or measuring cup.
  3. Turn the stove on and wait until the water comes to a boil.
  4. Immediately turn the heat down.
  5. Wait a minute or two until the wax is completely melted.
  6. AS SOON AS the wax is melted, pour the mixture into a tube, tin, and/or jar. If you are adding scents or colorants, add them before pouring into your tube, tin, or jar.Note: If you’re using a plastic tin or tube, make sure they are good enough quality to withstand pouring your hot wax into. Anything in the mid to high price range should do.

It’s possible that after you’ve made up your first batch you’ll want to make some changes.  If you’d like some help personalizing this recipe check out my page on how to “Create the perfect lip-balm making kit“.

Why Homemade Is Better…

Until I started studying aromatherapy and essential oil skin care, I didn’t quite understand why expensive and natural didn’t necessarily equal good.

I quickly learned that the quality and type of ingredients used aren’t always correct in a lot of manufactured products. This is true regardless of whether they’re natural or expensive.

Here’s why even costly natural products aren’t always good:

The purpose of lip balm manufacturers is to keep costs low, and to make as much money on a product as they can. When they do use a high-quality ingredient they’re usually using in such a small amount it doesn’t even help your lips.



There are a ton of ingredients you can use to make a lip balm. If you're wondering which ones + how much of each one you should use please grab my free recipes! Just enter your name and email below and I'll send you my 3 favorite recipes!
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