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A little while ago I got this question from one of my subscribers – she wanted to know if I had an essential oil use chart for skincare. She was frustrated with the effort required for making skin care  products appropriate for her skin type and was desperate for an easier way! Are you looking for the same thing?

Here’s her exact question.

“Hi Susanna,

I’ve been looking for an essential oil use chart to help me prepare my own skincare blends. I’ve been looking online and can’t seem to find any that help. I didn’t notice one on your site…do you have one? I sure hope you do, none of the ones I’ve come across seem to help. They’re super complicated, I can’t print them out, or they don’t have very complete information for skincare. It’s just too much trouble searching through books every single time I want to make something!

Please. Help!


I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t have one at the time. I was been meaning to create one for months (um. maybe years) but just never got around to it. Ok. Fine. I admit it… I – AM – A – PROCRASTINATOR.

Needless to say, that email got me motivated (thank you Katelyn!).

I considered recommending another essential oil use chart while I got mine ready. When looking though, I didn’t find any that provided the type of information I felt that she needed. That’s when I got REALLY inspired to create my very own. And as I was creating it, it got me thinking about all of the other really important things you need if you want to get started on the path to holistic, natural beauty! You just can’t be on the path without the chart and vice versa!

Here are a few things that I believe make this chart and the entire path to holistic beauty super valuable and helpful for people just getting started or veterans, like me, who’ve been doing this for a long time.

easy to follow screen capture of essential oil use chart1. The Chart Is Super Easy to Follow

Katelyn was right. The whole point of an essential use chart is to have a super quick reference.

I kept it pretty simple – essential oil name along the side and how it’s used along the top.

Here’s a mini screen capture…

I can’t believe it took me so long to do this. I use this ALL-THE-TIME.
It speeds up my choices like 1000%!

printable essential oil use chart2. You Can Print The Chart Out

Being able to print out your chart is SO important. It’ll make your life SO much easier.

I have one posted up on my cork board. It’s also in my “book of recipes”. It is SO helpful every time I want to modify one of my blends!

It sure beats ruffling through a bunch of books, looking at teeny tiny print on my iPhone or having to go all the way upstairs to look at (and for) the file on my computer.

essential-oil-use-chart-just-skincare3. It’s an Essential Oil Use Chart FOR SKINCARE

Before I made this chart, I used another one. The problem with that one is that it had EVERYTHING on it – skin, stomach aches, etc. The skincare part wasn’t even that comprehensive. I was often double-checking info in other books. Wholly waste of time (Have I already asked why I didn’t do this sooner?)


This essential oil use chart focuses ONLY on skincare.

It covers the major skin conditions and concerns. It also lists ALL of the essential oils that are especially useful for skincare.

That makes it speedy, easy, and super helpful! It’s a major confusion-buster!

essential-oil-use-char-holisitic4. There is a Holisitic Element in the Chart

I very much believe in making any skincare products with mood in mind.  There are a few columns in this chart which focus primarily on that.

Let me explain how you can use this:

  • If you are making a morning blend it’s useful using an essential oil with a energizing effect on mood.
  • If you are making a night blend, using an essential oil which is calming will make falling asleep easier.

This means that in addition to treating your skin condition, you’ll also be affecting your mood in a positive way!

5. The Path To Holistic Beauty Ensures Your Take The Affordable, and Safe Path To Holistic, Natural Beauty

When joining the path to holistic, natural beauty you’ll get a ton of free tips to ensure that you’re beauty products are safe, as affordable as possible, and effective.

PLUS It Includes  A Surprise!
You Get an Additional FREE Chart
“The Carrier Oil Use Chart for Skincare”


If you’re looking for an essential oil use chartfor skincare, chances are you could also benefit from having a carrier oils chart as well.

When you download this chart, you’ll automatically be offered the Carrier Oil chart as well.

It’s basically set it up in the exact same way. The only thing it doesn’t include is the holistic element.

Get Both The Essential AND
Carrier Oil Use Charts When
Starting Your Holistic Path To
Natural Beauty!
~ All FREE! ~

Fill in your name and email to get your charts emailed to you right now! 



PS. When joining the “Holistic Path To Natural Skin Care” you receive the charts. From time to time, when I write a new article, create a new product, or find something that I think will help you on the path to holistic skin care, I’ll sh rae it with you too.

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