The Homemade Skin Treatments Every Beauty DIY’er Should Start With – And The Ones You Should Stay Clear Of, For Now At Least (Part 1 of 1)

homemade-skin-treatments-part1Have you ever made homemade skin treatments with lots of ingredients. Did you fully understand the effects of those ingredients, even though you spent hours upon hours of time researching them? What about trying to create your own blends based on what you’ve learned is appropriate for your skin type? Are you confused, annoyed, and tempted to give up?

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If that sounds like you, I feel your pain. I really do. Sadly, so do a lot of other people. Here’s an example of a message I got.

“I love cooking so I thought I’d love making my own skin care.  I found a great recipe, spent an embarrassing amount of  time researching ingredients and then changed up some of the oils to make it absolutely perfect for my skin. What a let-down. I found the process stressful and confusing. And I didn’t even get the one thing that would have made it worthwhile (a great product).

That is actually a true story from a person I met at an event with my husband. Later, she emailed the recipe to me. It had about 20 ingredients and more than one stage of cooking.  My jaw dropped when I saw it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve talked to who have done (or were planning) to do the exact same thing. The bummer is that if they actually have the stamina, have gone out and spent $100+ on all the ingredients and actually make the darned cream they claim DIY’ing is too hard and give up on it forever.

Please don’t!

Simplicity is the secret for the at-home DIY’er. Especially (but not exclusively) if you’re new to making homemade skin treatments and recipes.

These are the products to start with when venturing into the world  of DIY, homemade skin treatments

Before you delve into the world of making a complex face or body cream (especially one for problem skin) there are so many other products you can make. Many of which will be equally beneficial – and also a lot more fun! Start out with easier recipes and treatments and you’ll have more fun and success with the ones I know you’re more excited to delve into.

Bath Salts for Dry or Troubled Skin

Everyone should make their own bath salts at some point in their lives – or for the rest of your life! It is a really easy and fun product to make. I love using dead sea salt, but you can use regular sea salt or Epsom salt as well.

You can certainly add some essential oils with the sole purpose of relaxing your senses, but it’s isn’t to hard to focus on a skin condition whether it be as simple as dry skin or slightly more complex like body pimples/acne. There are also a lot of oils that are great for aches and pains so if you wanted, you could easily make it a holistic blend for yourself!

> I have an article on the benefits of dead sea salt for skin care. Click here to read it.

Make-up Remover

Aside from the bath salts, a homemade make-up remover is by far one of the easiest treatments to make on this page. All you need is one oil and a cotton pad. THAT’S IT!

I use coconut oil because it’s great for all skin types and will not clog your pores, especially if you follow up with a facial cleanse.

Basically, you just rub quite a lot of it on your face (approx. 1/2 a teaspoon), let it sit for a 30-60 seconds then rub it off (gently) with your cotton pad. Then you can just wash your face normally afterwards.

See what I mean – easy right!

Body Scrubs For Dry Skin

A body scrub is easy-peasy. It’s super fun and even if you’re not crazy about the consistency you fix it by adding either more oil or sugar/salt/coffee/rice/etc.

Because there are so many options and it’s so fast and easy to make you can really get a feeling for the ingredients that both your mind, body, and heart like. And in terms of expenses, it’s really easy to get started with too. All you really need is some olive oil and sugar – everyone has some of this at home. Over time you can experiment to your hearts content, but to start that’s all it needs to be.

> Check out my post on how to make a basic body scrub – click here.

Massage Oil for Cellulite or Aches/Pains

The great thing about making a massage oil (well, all of the homemade skin treatments on this page really) is that it’s a simple way to start learning about all the carrier and essential oils, and what they do. Through experience and experimentation you’ll gradually learn about how they feel on your body, how they’re absorbed, etc. The process of learning will feel natural and simple.

Cuticle Serum

Cuticle serums are SO easy. You can mix any number of dry/cracking skin essential oils with any number of carrier oils. Olive oil is an easy one to start with – in fact, you don’t even need to use anything else. Ashly Covington (world famous hand model) is a great example of someone who keeps it simple very successfully with JUST olive oil.

> I have a great recipe for a cuticle serum on my olive oil for dry skin page. Check it out here.

I have a few more homemade skin treatments I want to add to this list, but for now, I think we should all take a break. These are the easiest of easy treatments you can start with. Next week, I’ll share some of the slightly more challenging (aka FUN!) ones – these include items with two+ ingredients AND a few super easy treatments that would be safe to make for your face. I’ll also share the homemade skin treatments you should avoid – at least until you’ve tackled some of these simple blends.

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The Homemade Skin Treatments Every Beauty DIY'er Should Start With - And The Ones You Should Stay Clear Of, for Now At Least

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