Lip Balm Ingredients For Decadent, All-Natural DIY Lip Treats

I was recently looking at some lip balm ingredients in pre-made products and kits and was appalled.  I’ve been making my own lip balm since the turn of the century and assumed that what I was making and using was status quo. Apparently not. If you want to make your own lip balm here are my go-to ingredients.

There are 4 basic lip balm ingredients that you can be used to make a lip balm – carrier oils, a wax, a soft butter, and a hard butter. Not all lip balms need to include ALL of these ingredients but should include at least 2, a wax and a carrier oil.

This post talks about the ingredients but if you want to get started making your own lip balm check out my 3 post lip balm posts with step-by-step instructions and recipes.

Carrier Oils

There are a lot of different carrier oils that could be used in a lip balm. I think the best ones are those that are reasonable (it’s a lip balm not an eye serum!) but also versatile. Here’s a list of the carrier oils that make sense for lip balms.

  • Rice bran
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Peach Kernel Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Macadamia Nut Oil

Argan Oil is actually a bit pricey for just a lip balm, but since you can use it on your face and in your hair (without even blending with anything else) I feel like I can comfortably recommend it. Besides, it would be amazing!

Natural Waxes

There are really only two natural waxes you can use in a lip balm. These include:

  • Beeswax
  • Candellila Wax (a vegan wax)

Beeswax is a bit easier to find but if you’re vegan and prefer an unscented lip balm you might want to try candelilla.

Natural Soft Butters

There are almost as many soft butters as there are carrier oils. I’ve narrowed down the below list to my favorites.

  • Shea Butter
  • Soy Butter
  • Coconut Butter
  • Aloe Butter

For the longest time I made my lip balms without a soft butter and they were great! I got a ton of compliments on them.  A lot of these soft butters fill the role of several different oils so it can sometimes be easier and more affordable to use one of these with just one carrier oil and one hard wax.

Natural Hard Butters

There aren’t actually a lot of options in terms of hard waxes. In fact, there’s just one:

  • Cocoa Butter

There are a lot of different ways to make a lip balm so you don’t necessarily need to use a hard butter. Cocoa butter is great though and offers some amazing protection and a fabulous, natural scent.

Natural Color

Once you’ve perfected your lip balm formula it can be really fun adding a little bit of color to it. Here are two clays I like to use. I prefer the texture of these to beetroot.

  • Australian Red Clay (color)
  • Pink Clay (color)

If you use Australian Red Clay be careful with it. It’s really really red! Very little goes a long way!  You can combine the two together if you want to get really adventurous.

Natural Scent

If you want scent there are a few essential oils I can recommend. It’s really important to be careful in your choices because the skin on your lips is so delicate.

  • Benzoin

Benzoin has a bit of a scary-sounding name but it’s a great oil for sensitive skin. It smells a bit like vanilla but isn’t as much of a risk for skin irritation. It’s the only essential oil that has a long, lingering scent and is safe and helpful for the skin on your lips.

My Favorite Lip Balm Ingredients

To be clear I’d be thrilled with a lip balm made out of any of the ingredients on this page. At one point or another, I have – otherwise these wouldn’t be on this page. Picking a favorite is actually REALLY hard but people keep asking so I’ll do my best!

  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Beeswax

Rice Bran Oil is just so rich and delicious! And Castor Oil does something magical to lips when combined with beeswax. Shea butter is great because it does the work of several carrier oils. This means that you can easily get with using just one or two carrier oils to it.
Note: If you’re a strict vegan the best vegan wax is Candelilla wax. It works great, I just haven’t used it as much so prefer Beeswax.

But like I said, I absolutely love them all. The only reason I’m including my favorites is because people keep asking. If you can get any of these lip balm ingredients you’ll love what you make – I swear!



There are a ton of ingredients you can use to make a lip balm. If you're wondering which ones + how much of each one you should use please grab my free recipes! Just enter your name and email below and I'll send you my 3 favorite recipes!


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