Natural Olive Oil Skin Care: 10 Simple Beauty Tricks for Everyone

10 ways to use olive oil for skin care and natural beauty. 10 simple beauty tips for everyone.Olive oil skin care is hardly new to natural beauty. It’s a simple, easy to find ingredient that can (and has) been used in everything from soaps to body lotions.

Olive oil is a staple in my beauty care routine. It has been ever since I started making my own skincare product in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

It isn’t an oil I use every day but since it’s always around the house I use it a lot in passing. It’s great for everything from dry skin to softening my cuticles.

I have yet to be disappointed…Well, except for once, but I’ll tell you a bit about this in the “when not to use olive oil” section at the end of the page.

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This page goes over 10 of the best (and most simple) natural skincare techniques using olive oil for hair and skin care.

1. Use Olive Oil to Soften Your Hands

For most of us, Olive oil is probably the most convenient oil for softening your hands. Simply lather some on in the middle of cooking or mix your olive oil into your salad with your hands.

This process guarantees at least one hand treatment every couple of days.

2. Use Olive Oil to Cure and Prevent Hang Nails

Olive is excellent for treating and preventing hang nails.

A while back I read an article in Woman`s World Magazine about how Ashly Covington (one of the most famous hand models in the world) uses Olive Oil to prevent hang nails and to make sure her cuticles and hands are super soft.

Her simple secret is slathering her hands in olive oil several times a day while paying special attention to the area around her nails. She says she takes a bottle with her everywhere she goes and on occasion will wear lightweight cotton gloves (never rubber as this does not let the skin breathe) to keep her hands extra safe (I supposed right before a shoot) and to improve absorption.

You can also mix it with a little sandalwood if you want an extra deep softening blend.

3. Use Olive Oil to Strengthen Your Nails

While following the two techniques above, you’ll also be working to strengthen your nails. It’s an excellent and unexpected benefit of using olive for skin care on your hands and the skin around your nails.

4. Use Olive Oil To Combat Dry Skin

One of the most profound benefits of olive oil for skin care is how quickly and easily it softens dry skin.

A simple way to use it is to simply to rub it on your body after your shower. It takes a little while to be absorbed completely so make sure you give yourself time before getting dressed.

You can speed up the absorption by adding a little aloe vera. This improves the absorption of any oil into your skin. It will also take the oil a little bit deeper than it would go on its own.

Part of why Olive Oil is so powerful is because it’s a “humectant” which means that it draws moisture into your skin.

5. Soothe Itchy Skin With Olive Oil

Every winter, in about February, I rub it all over my body when I have super dry, itchy skin. After I’ve used it every day for about a week my skin is soft and smooth again.

I simply lather it on after a shower or lather it one while sitting on a towel on our wood floors while binge-watching on Netflix.

Adding a few drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil is extremely helpful, especially if your skin is itchy too.

(If used it a 2-3 times a week after coming out of the shower – as I suggested above – it is very likely you will never suffer from dry, itchy skin ever again!)

For more recipes and blends about using olive oil for dry skin read my article on “Simple, Everyday Recipes and Treatments Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin” >Click here to read the article

6. Create Soft Shiny Hair with Olive Oil

Create an at-home hot oil treatment with olive oil to create soft, shiny hair.

You can use it on it’s own or include an essential oil appropriate to your hair type to make the treatment even more effective.

Let the oil heat on the stove or in the microwave for 10-15 seconds then add it to your hair and let it sit (covered) for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Some people will use a blow dryer for an extra-intense hot oil treatment.

7. Use Olive Oil To Treat Dandruff and/or Dry, Itchy Scalp

To encourage healthy, shiny growth and to eliminate dandruff and/or dry, itchy scalp simply rub olive oil right into your skin and hair a couple of times week until the problem persists.

Ideally, you should combine it with other oils (i.e. coconut oil and rosemary) and let it sit for a few hours (or overnight) with a bath cap. This may not be very attractive, but it works.

If olive oil is good for skin, they why wouldn’t it be good for the skin under your hair?

In addition the products used on your hair, your skin is actually a big part of the problem if you have dandruff or dry, itchy scalp.

If you have dull hair, then it’s also important to get rid of all that product-film on the top of hair.

For more hair recipes and blends read this “Olive Oil Hair Treatments For Your Dry, Itchy Scalp… That Will Also Make Your Hair Shiny And Soft” > Click here to read it now

8. Use Olive Oil to Prevent Wrinkles

Another one of the major benefits of olive oil skin care is its effect on wrinkles – it can actually help to prevent them with its antioxdant super powers.

Used directly on your skin 1-2 times a week it will do wonders for keeping your skin soft, smooth, and wrinkle-free a little longer.

It’s important that you only do this if you have dry to normal skin AND only do it a maximum of 2-3 times a week!

– Makes sure to read the section on WHEN NOT TO USE OLIVE OIL at the end of the page.

9. Use Olive Oil to Diminish Wrinkles

On it’s own olive oil can definitely soften their appearance, however once the fine lines start kicking in, it’s a good idea to start a more intense natural treatment program

I recommend making a cream and/or serum by mixing olive oil with Argan oil, aloe vera gel, and an appropriate anti-wrinkle essential oil for your skin type (lavender for oily, ylang ylang for combination, or geranium for dry).

Olive oil is packed full of anti-oxidants. This is partly what makes it so excellent for treating wrinkles.

For more blends using olive oil for wrinkles read this article “Prevent Wrinkles and Dry Skin: Use Olive Oil On Your Skin With These 3 Simple Essential Oil Blends”  >> Click here to read it now

10. Use Olive Oil to Remove Makeup

Some of us spend a lot of money on products to help us remove our make-up. Interestingly, any oil (including Olive Oil) does just as good (and often a better) job of it for WAY cheaper.

Here’s how you do it:

Use olive oil on a cotton ball and wipe your face until all of your make-up is gone.

Since olive oil is pretty greasy, make sure you rinse with a floral water or witch hazel.

Pretty easy eh!

If you have oily skin, coconut oil will be a much better alternative for you though! Click here to read my article on coconut oil skin care blends.

While reading this page have you wondered which olive oil you should use? If so, that’s a smart SMART question. It’s really worth a conversation. About a year ago I read that a lot of olive is substandard, fake even. Seeing as olive oil is so important to health (and a quality skin care blend) , I really wanted to make sure I was using the real thing. So, I went on a journey to help me discover which olive oil I can trust.

In the end I learned that if it has the “Product Of Italy” symbol on it you can be pretty certain that it’s the real deal. The next test is the “pepper test”. Gulp down a teaspoon and if you feel a sharp, peppery cough-inducing sensation at the back of your throat it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s authentic.

The brand I use is called “Colavita”. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and recommend it to all of my friends and family.

What’s interesting is that some of the less expensive stores sell this brand, but without the “Product of Italy” symbol. I can only find it with that symbol at the mid to higher end grocery stores where I live. Another important note is that the symbol is sometimes on the front and sometimes on the side or back. I notice that it’s usually on the side or back of the tins but on the front of glass bottles.

Below is an image of the brand I’m talking about. Do you see the little Italian flag at the top, with the “Product of Italy” text right above it? That’s what I’m saying you should look for.

You can buy this brand on Amazon too! The images below link to Amazon so click on them if you want to see more details. I usually buy the bigger tin from Amazon because I use a ton of olive oil. But if you don’t, you can get a smaller bottle too.

Some Additional Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin Care

There’s no double that Olive oil is extremely versatile for beauty care. There are also a lot of other things that make it really convenient as part of your skin care regimen. Here are 3 of the reason I think Olive Oil is such a great option for skin care.

1. It’s Easy To Find And Very Affordable

There are a ton of oils that can be used to help improve your complexion. Olive oil skin care rivals them all however because of its convenience and price in relation to value as a beauty ingredient.

2. It’s Effective All On Its Own

Not sure how to easily incorporate olive oil into your life? It doesn’t have to be as complicated as making a fancy homemade concoction.

The simplest way to use it is by lathering your body with it after the shower. Do this a few times a week and you’ll never have to worry about dry skin again.

There are times where blends make sense, but if you don’t have the time of budget for that this will work great!

3. It’s A Great Ingredient For Homemade Soap

I have only made my own soap from scratch once. What I learned at that time was that olive makes a great ingredient because it has a lot of fatty acids in it. This helps to (naturally) create that lather that people love in a soap.

WARNING: Olive Oil For Skin Care Has Its Downside

Despite the fact that olive oil is a fabulous oil for a lot of people it should not be used by everyone. Aside from the above skin types and treatments you should avoid using it.

You should not use olive oil if you have:

  • Oily skin and olive oil don’t mix!
  • If you have rosacea it’s probably best that you avoid olive oil.
  • If you have acne or problem skin it’s also best to avoid olive oil.
  • If you’re making a face cream don’t include olive oil.

For the most part, it’s a great option on your body. Avoid using it regularly on your face though! To be safe, use it a maximum of 2-3 times a week.

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