Problem: Blemished, Dry and Sensitive Skin

My skin is very dry but I get boil type bumps all over. I’m in my 40’s and my skin is so sensitive there’s almost nothing I can use to help. I can’t even wear make up although I desperately need it. Please help!

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I’m sorry to hear about your troubled skin. I know how hard it is when you can’t seem to find a solution. I think that I can help!

To start, I’m going to give you two suggestions. I’ll be recommending that you use two very easy affordable and easy-to-find ingredients. They’re also extremely gentle which makes them a good first step to solving a skin condition like yours.

Please give it a try for a couple of weeks at least. It’s not likely you’ll see any results unless you try it for that long.

1. Kefir
2. Coconut Oil

Kefir is similar to yogurt. I prefer you use Kefir but if you can’t find it use a good quality yogurt with probiotics.

Please add this to your diet as well. It’s a great milk substitute for cereal or smoothies. You can also use it in place of sour cream in dips, sauces and any other recipe that requires it.

Important! Make sure you use the plain kind (with no added sugar). If you want to eat it as a snack add real fruits (frozen berries are great) and a little bit of honey.

When it comes to coconut oil use the unrefined oil for you skin. Either the virgin or extra virgin are ok. These should have a coconut scent and flavor.

Try to replace butter/margarine with coconut oil as well. For cooking refined is better though because it has no scent/flavor and a higher cooking temperature. This makes it very heart healthy.

The Process

Step 1
Wash your face with the Kefir (or yogurt).
Use 1-2 tablespoons and massage into your skin.

I usually wash my face over the kitchen sink or bring a small tupperware container into the shower.

Step 2
Apply the coconut oil to your skin in place of a moisturizer. You’ll only need to use 1/2 a teaspoon at most.

Make sure you gently massage it in for at least 30 seconds or until it is fully absorbed.

Do Step 1 and 2 above two times per day.

The reasoning behind the ingredients and the process

A lot of the time sensitive skin is a result of both your external and internal environment. By adding Kefir (or yogurt) to your diet you’re starting the process of normalizing your gut which in turn helps improve your skin and your overall well-being.

Using it directly on your skin is extremely cleansing and even antiseptic (while still being gentle) which is great for the boils situation you mentioned.

Coconut oil is the one oil that is most like the oils already in our skin. By adding it to your diet and putting it on your skin you’re encouraging a more healthy oil environment both inside and out.

This is the first step though. If you find that this is working I’d love to give you some suggestions that will take your recovery to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you,

The Natural Skincare Junkie

PS. Visit my page on coconut oil for skin and hair care for more detailsls.

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Susanna, The Natural Skin Care Junkie

I'm Susanna, the Natural Skin Care Junkie! I became a certified Aromatherapist at the start of the Millennium and have been making my own skin care products ever since. During my time in the world of natural skin care, I have sold my own spa line (Oriana Naturals), a natural beauty box (Flynn & Sage) and a facial care line (Conscience Beauty Lab). I have taught live courses in DIY beauty and have been helping people make their own products with this site since 2013. Happy DIY'ing! Susanna

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