Is It Time For You To Do A Skin Detox?

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Have you ever wished that you could do a “control alt delete” on your skin so that you could start with a clean slate? If so, that’s the point of a skin detox – and based on the questions sent to me every day it’s very likely that it’s time for you to do one too!

To help you decide if it’s time for you, I first want to tell you about 3 real-life people and their skin complaints. For now, all you have to do is guess which one(s) would benefit from a good detox.

Which of these 3 people should do a skin detox?

  • Melanie, a 44 year old working mom living in a big urban city – she has combination skin. It’s not a dramatic condition but she wishes it could be “normal”.  She’s pretty healthy, the only thing that concerns her is that she she is often extremely tired even though she gets a lot of sleep. And she’s been feeling achy for no good reason too!
  • Josh, a  20 year old college student living in a mid-size town – he can’t shake those pimples (and oily skin) from his teen years.  He gets a lot of headaches and would skip class because of them.
  • 24 year old Jessica travelling and working her way across Europe – she has rosacea, acne, and severely flakey/dry skin. She hasn’t noticed any real health concerns, “unless you consider PMS a health concern” – her words 😉

So, what did you guess?

Did you guess all 3, if so you’re totally right!

Here’s the reality – Jessica, Josh, and Melanie all benefited from a skin detox. It was the quickest way for them to bring their skin back to a more balanced state.

  • Melanie needed a way to clean the city out of her and to simplify her skin care routine. When she told me what she was doing I could see why her skin was so confused – drying products, oil-inducing products and back and forth. She also has a sensitivity to eggs and (non-organic) milk. Keeping things out of her diet has helped with her energy-levels!
  • Josh was using some pretty harsh products on his skin – he was over-drying it and his body went into hyper-protection mode which caused more severe acne. He was also making a lot of poor decisions with food – like most of us did when we first moved from home. He did manage to follow a proper diet for 2 weeks though (applause!) and saw improvements with the diet change and skin regimen change. Eating is still hard, and he forgets to take care of his skin sometimes but still sees a 90% improvement!
  • Jessica didn’t really have a skin care regimen during her trip, hence the skin troubles. Seeing as she was in Spain, at a hostel with a kitchen she was able to go through a skin detox for a full 2 weeks. It wasn’t easy, but she wanted to feel like she looked pretty in the selfies she was sharing with friends and family at home :). What she learned is that adding more fish to her diet helped a lot – now she has a pack of flax pills in her bag, along with her holy grail – small bottle of fractionated coconut oil!).

Here are 3 questions to help you decide if it’s time for YOU to do a skin detox

Wondering if it’s time for you to do a skin detox? Here are 3 questions to help you decide.

1. Do you have a stubborn skin condition – from acne to rosacea to simple dry skin?

If you have a condition that you’ve had for most of your life and it’s not going away chances are you can benefit from a skin detox. The skin care regimen will certainly help but it’s very likely an issue with something you’re eating as well.

2. Do you find that your skin is sensitive to everything?

Do you find that no matter what your use, your skin seems to go all Incredible Hulk on you – one minute calm and the next making it very clear to you that it’s really (really!) mad at you? If so, you have sensitive skin.

When your skin is sensitive it’s a sign. Perhaps you’re over-treating your condition, your body isn’t able to handle something it’s eating, or you’re not using a product that’s appropriate for bringing your skin back to a normal pH.

3. No matter what you use to fix the condition, it’s not working or is making matters worse?

I find that this is a problem with a lot of people. And like I hinted at above the changes in skin care products is confusing your skin or is too harsh (like it was for Josh) and making your skin do more of what you want it to stop doing. (ah!). Going back to a simple regimen with simple ingredients that focus on bringing your skin back to a normal pH will do wonders for you!

Important note: I definitely don’t want to suggest you go off any medication or cream your doctor recommended (because I don’t know your whole story and they might be necessary) but if I were you I’d talk to them about whether or not they think a skin detox would benefit you.

Do you think you can benefit from a skin detox?

If so – join me for a complete Skin Detox program!

Find out how to properly detox with instructions for which ingredients to use, when to use them, and what to eat. You’ll get a complete “Yes/No Food Chart” and 50+ meal-time recipes that use the detox-friendly ingredients, and detailed explanations about the ingredients you should use.

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